Over the past several weeks, we’ve been talking about accurately hearing from Jesus.
● You have to know that you are, in fact, supposed to hear from God. Jesus calls us His sheep, and in John 10, we see that we, as His sheep, are supposed to follow Him.
● You have to know that His motive in talking to you is to give you life — and life in abundance. He is the good shepherd, and His desire is to give us an abundant life, even if the immediate step He asks us to take seems challenging. He leads us, and we need to take the step to follow the path He has set out for us.
● You have to be in charge of your hearing. Turning your hearing over to someone else can be dangerous.

When you choose to hear from God, you need to listen with the integrity of heart and innocence of hand. God protected King Abimelech in Genesis, who wasn’t a follower of God, because of these qualities. You are His child and in covenant with Him — how much more will He protect you?

Yes, you’ll make mistakes, but the most important thing you can do is be honest with yourself. Don’t try and convince yourself God is trying to tell you something that He isn’t. Things might look, see, smell, and seem like exactly what we want, what we’ve written down, and what we’ve been dreaming about, but aren’t what God wants for us.

Whether it’s a relationship or a great sale, just because something we want is in front of us doesn’t mean it’s what God is telling us.

When you make a mistake, don’t be embarrassed. We all will at some point or another — so move ahead, admit the mistake, and keep going. Seek the help you need from a trusted pastor or advisor and take the advice. Others may have noted from the beginning that you were about to make a mistake, but trust you to have heard from God as you made your decisions.

With those two things in mind, though, recognize that the most important component of listening to God, even if you make a mistake, is to do so with the innocence of your heart and integrity of your hands. As long as you do that, God will protect you.

Watch below to learn even more!

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