God wants to speak to you, and He wants this conversation to happen through His Word. The Scripture makes it clear that God wants us to jump into His Word to learn, understand, receive correction, and get a grasp of doctrine. He even sent the Holy Spirit to help us.

When we don’t look at His Word, though, God does employ a few other methods to communicate with us.


In the Old Testament, Samuel heard the Lord. He was a child, training to become a prophet, and wasn’t sure if the voice he heard belonged to Eli or the Lord. If you don’t have discernment, or you’re not listening, it’s easy to get confused about who is speaking.

Remember, though, that just because God uses these methods to communicate doesn’t mean they are His top choices. There’s not much intimacy in any of these, and intimacy is what the Lord wants. What He’s hoping to achieve is that you’ll see what He sees because you’re so in tune with Him. Before the angel came to Paul in Acts 27, he told his fellow travelers that he perceived something.

This perception should be our goal. This is where God’s Spirit bears witness with yours, and you end up knowing something that there’s no way you should or could know. God doesn’t usually speak in loud, boisterous, spectacular, or wild voices. In 1 Kings 19, strong winds, earthquakes, and fires all occurred before the Lord spoke in a still, small voice.

That’s the voice we need to look for, not the trances, visions, angels, and prophets. God wants to talk directly with you.


Watch below to learn even more!

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