A song we’ve song before says that someday soon, the clouds will be rolled away and our King will come. I want you to think about a couple of things about this.

  1.    Your King is already present, and He lives and dwells on the inside of you.
  2.    How will you see Him when that day comes?


Are you going to see the King as SEAL Team 6 coming in and rescuing a hostage? Or do you see Him as the commander-in-chief walking up to where the battle was won, while his military presents him ground that has been taken? There’s a big difference.


If you see yourself as a hostage, then everything is put off until He shows up to do something about the situation you’re living in. You live with the mindset that you’re in a mess that you can’t escape. You just need Him to show up and deliver you.


Once you realize who you are in Him, you realize that weapons have been entrusted to you, as a member of the very army of God. The Bible doesn’t say we’re supposed just to be here. No, it says we’re to occupy until He comes (Luke 19:13).


If you’ve seen the movie Patton, you’ll see that he was a tremendous general, but you’ll also see that he wasn’t the one who did the fighting. The troops won the territory, and then Patton rode up in the tank. Then men presented the territory to Him because they won the battle for him.


In our lives, Jesus won the battle. He gave us the victory. And then He charged us with living that victory every day of our lives. That means that we need to live with the attitude that when He returns, He won’t find us hiding in a cave as a hostage because the devil has won.


Don’t go into fights with that mindset. Don’t even go into them hoping you’ll win. You need to start the fight realizing that the fight has already been won. Jesus has already freed you, given you His armor, given you His weapons, and given you faith and grace. You can stand up to anything that comes at you, trying to get a hold of you and bring you down.


If you encounter resistance, you can use the tools and authority that He has given you to resist the resistance. It must flee from you. It’s not just “All things are possible with God.” When you’re truly living as a member of God’s army, you realize that all things are possible for you, too, because you believe in Him.


Jesus has already overcome for us. We’re just walking out the victory for Him.

Watch below to learn even more!

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