Why Do Bad Things Happen, If God is So Loving?

Why do bad things happen on the earth? To whom has the Father given His authority? Watch this brief video as Pastor Kurt Owen explains. Five Scriptural Confessions to Help You Walk in Authority Today. Spirit I am a child of God! Therefore, I have the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead […]

Do You KNOW & BELIEVE God Loves You?

Watch this brief video from Pastor Kurt Owen, and read the helpful article below. Find Your Identity in Jesus’ Love. Did you know that Jesus is in love with you? That’s right! YOU! God wants to have an intimate and personal relationship with you. Why? Because He is in love with you! There is a […]

Should We Fear God?

Watch this brief video explanation from Pastor Kurt Owen, and read the helpful article below. Of What Are You Afraid? Of what are you afraid? What in your life causes you to fear and lose your peace? Is it other people, finances, loved ones, a doctor’s report, or just some situation that seems hopeless at […]

Are you trying to serve more than one master?

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Are you trying to serve more than one master? Watch this brief Word challenge from Pastor Kurt Owen to find out why the answer to this important question impacts your ability to consistently walk in peace.

Merry Christmas from Pastor Kurt Owen

Thankful People Receive More


It is Thanksgiving here in the USA, a time our nation has set aside to remember what Jesus has done for us. At least that’s what we should be thinking about. So often, though, pressures and circumstances seek to rob us of our thankfulness. We cannot allow this because thankful people receive more from Jesus. “What […]

John 3:16 Will Never Be A Tedious Message

How many times have you heard John 3:16? I’m sure quite a few. Maybe you’ve heard it all your life. Perhaps you’ve heard multiple sermons on the verse. I know I have. But I also know that each time I preach on it, I learn something. Do you?   Teaching a Tedious Message I heard […]

The Importance Of Sitting Down

A few years back, I went through an extremely rough year, dealing with all kinds of things. Around October, I experienced something rare, for me: I got sick. In my entire life, I’d never been sick for more than a few hours. Unfortunately, at the same time, a friend died. I was angry about the […]

What To Do When People Aren’t Progressing

In learning how to “restore such a one” (Galatians 6:1), you’ll get to a point when the person thinks he or she is ready and secure in the restoration, but you know they aren’t quite there. Shortcuts and premature timelines aren’t good for the person’s longevity. People need time to grow — it’s for their […]

3 Things To Remember When You’re Restoring A Minister

Restoring a minister — restoring anyone, really — isn’t always as easy as it seems in Galatians 6:10, when Paul writes, “Brethren, if a man is, overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted.”   Remember, the definition of […]