We’ve been talking about how to hear from God, and as we draw nearer to the end series, I want to prepare you for something. When we finish the series, whenever I finish any series, we receive Communion, an important step for several reasons.


Communion is a commitment. It’s the receiving of the covenant. We receive His commitment to us through remembering His blood and body that were broken for us. When we receive communion, we’re making a commitment to Him. We’re saying, “I accept what you have done for me. I commit to living that way, even if I make a mistake.”


The reason I like doing this after a series is that once we hear a truth and learn that truth, we have an obligation to live that truth. Communion, when done after a study of the Word, is telling God that we’ve heard His Word and what He is telling us and that we’re taking His body and blood and committing to live according to that Word.


When we take communion weekly or monthly, we have a tendency to forget what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. What did we learn? What does weekly or monthly communion do when you take it every weekend? Why did He give His body and blood? I don’t want communion to be a religious practice. I want it to mean something.


I want to remember that His blood sets me apart, frees me, cleanses me of all unrighteousness, and empowers me. His blood is what He shed when He swore the oath to love me and take care of me. His body was broken for me so that I didn’t have to be broken. His blood and body were His commitment to me.


Because of Jesus’ body and blood, I’ll come out of whatever I’m facing.

Because of Jesus’ body and blood, God committed to me.

Because of Jesus’ body and blood, His Word is true and guaranteed.

Because of Jesus’ body and blood, I am free from my sin.


I receive communion because that’s where my life was changed. His love for me drove Him to the cross, where His body was broken, and His blood was shed. His love for me made that commitment. When I take communion, I’m committing my life to Him. I’m telling Him that I’ve heard His Word, learned His Word, and am willing and ready to walk in faith in His Word. Communion is my way of committing to the One who committed to me.

Watch below to learn even more!”

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