meet pastor kurt

Pastor Kurt Owen has been in full-time ministry for over 30 years. He is the founder of Kurt Owen Ministries, Ministers of Victory, Fight To Win TV, and he is the Senior Pastor of Real Life Church with his lovely wife Pastor Terry Owen.

Kurt Owen left a successful career in private investigation and executive protection for full-time ministry more than 30 years ago. Not your average minister, he still enjoys shooting firearms and training in hand-to-hand combat. He is a chaplain with several local Law Enforcement agencies and often volunteers his time to teach shooting and hand-to-hand combat to law enforcement, the military and from time to time civilians. He has a heart for law enforcement officers and the military and all those who serve our nation.

He has traveled to more than 25 nations, and he has helped multitudes of Christian churches, ministers, leaders and organizations realize their potential in Christ Jesus, walk in the victory that Jesus purchased for them by His shed blood and know and believe how much God loves them.

Pastor Kurt has planted several churches throughout the nation, and is currently the Senior Pastor of Real Life Church in Port Saint Lucie, FL, where his lovely wife Pastor Terry has helped him pastor since 2009 when he began the church plant in Clewiston, FL, Real Life Church Clewiston, which launched in 2010.

Having been in traveling ministry for over 30 years, served Kenneth Copeland for 17 years, and pastored for over 15 years he is able to effectively teach leadership and serving from a unique perspective. He has both served and been served and is able to emphasize the importance of leadership from both the minister’s role and the helps ministry role.

Pastor Kurt is known for making things simple, practical and to the point. Application of the Word of God and flowing with the Holy Spirit is a Christian’s key to victory. Everyone is able to receive and apply the truths of the Word when they hear Pastor Kurt teach.

God called Pastor Kurt to be a pastor to pastors and ministers. Therefore, he founded Ministers of Victory (MOV), a ministerial organization that equips, encourages, strengthens, and, if necessary, corrects and restores ministers so that they fulfill the call of God upon their lives. Pastor Kurt is grateful to have Minister Curtis Crosby as the Director of Ministers of Victory providing leadership to the ministers Licensed and Ordained by MOV.

At Kurt Owen Ministries we are dedicated to helping churches be healthy, strong, vibrant, and active.

We never cease to proclaim God’s love and the truth, Jesus Is Risen! Victory Is Assured!