Pastor Kurt believes in the importance of the local church. As Paul told Timothy, the church is the pillar and ground of the Truth. KOM is willing to go wherever God sends him and often it is to churches where others may not be willing to go. Pastor Kurt has often been told by pastors that they were hesitant to invite guest speakers because of the size of their church or because of the problems in their church. When Pastor Kurt or a member of the KOM team shows up to a church, the goal is to build the church up, remind the congregation of the importance and value of their pastor and be a blessing to the Pastors and church members. The partners of KOM often send Pastor Kurt and/or the KOM team to assist churches. (We are very grateful to the partners of KOM for helping us help churches.)

Pastor Kurt also tries to help the church growth by offering unique trainings for the church to host in their community such as Women’s Self Defense and Church Security. Many churches have been blessed by these opportunities as they have reached outside their church to community members who may not have darkened the doorstep of a church before. At the conclusion of the training Pastor Kurt conveys to the participants that the host church thinks they are important and encourages them to attend a service and talk to other church members. While Pastor Kurt does not charge for the Women’s Self-Defense training, he gives the local church the opportunity to charge a fee for the class (most have opted to charge about $25/person and the value of the class is $150/person). The purpose for charging a fee is two-fold, people invest in their personal development in addition to the church being blessed by the event.

Frequently Pastor Kurt will minister to churches that are in crisis and help support the church, stabilize the situation and when necessary help implement church discipline. Additionally, KOM provides beneficial training and conferences to churches on many valuable topics including but not limited to:

1. Recognizing, honoring and supporting the gift and office of the pastor.
2. Church Discipline
3. The Importance and Value of Serving in Your Local Church
4. Knowing and Believing the Love of God
5. Healing – What does the Bible say about Healing?
6. Women’s Self-Defense
7. Church Security

We Help Pastors & Ministers

Very soon after being saved, God gave Pastor Kurt a heart for Pastors and Ministers. Having been in full-time ministry for over 20 years, Pastor Kurt Owen has encouraged many pastors and ministers. Pastor Kurt provides pastors and ministers a safe place to fellowship as well as confer godly wise counsel.

Many Pastors and Ministers who Pastor Kurt has helped were tired and discouraged and many had quit the ministry. Utilizing Scripture and Biblical truths, Pastor Kurt has ministered encouragement, training and refreshing to those who had grown faint in well doing. There are many ministers ministering, pastors pastoring and churches standing because Pastor Kurt has remained faithful to his calling. KOM helps restore pastors/ministers who have fallen into sin or because of hardship have given up their calling always free of charge. Our heart is to see all pastors and ministers successful in their ministry and their walk with God.

KOM has a Licensing and Ordaining body named Ministers of Victory where godly leaders are equipped, empowered, refreshed and released into their God-given callings and ministries.

Practical resources, are provided to ministers free of charge to assist them in successfully ministering to the needs of others. Many times, ministers do not know how to minister: a wedding, funeral, baby dedication, baptism, pre-marital counseling, healing, church discipline and KOM provide these tool.


Kurt Owen Ministries travels throughout the nations training local pastors and ministers, teaching in bible schools and building up local churches.

Our vision is to spread the gospel throughout the United States and the world imparting to Pastors and Ministers as they reach out their community with the Love of God. Additionally, we assist pastors by providing the tools to build healthy, strong, vibrant, active churches. Often, the end result is that with the pastor’s rekindled passion for their calling and strengthened leadership, many others step into their role to serve in the ministry.

KOM also leads mission trips (usually to Peru) and provides a safe environment for people interested in participating in missions. During missions trips, our teams have ministered in the marketplace, ministered at orphanages and assisted in community wide services. Our KOM missions teams have awesome testimonies! God used them mightily to minister to the beautiful people of Peru!