Most of us have read or heard the verses in John 2:1-5, but many don’t always understand them. In this passage, Jesus, His disciples, and His mother were at a wedding in Cana. Three days in, they ran out of wine, so Mary turned to Jesus and told Him that the hosts didn’t have any wine.


Now, some people use this as the reason they pray to Mary because she can get Him to do things He wouldn’t normally do. However, look at His response.


“‘Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come,’” Jesus tells His mother in verse four. He doesn’t call her mom. He calls her woman. It doesn’t seem like He’s about to do something just because His mother told Him to.


Note what happens next. His mother is trying to get something out her child, and her motherhood is not cutting it. He’s pretty much told her that it isn’t His problem. What does she do? She tells the servants to do “‘whatever He says to you.’” (verse five).


This is where it gets interesting. This is actually how she ended up having Jesus. Her response when the angel Gabriel gave her the news about her impending pregnancy? “‘Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.’” (Luke 1:38).


This is how you get results. When Mary couldn’t get results because she was Jesus’ mother, she found a better way to get results. She released in her faith in Him, and then she released her faith in general. Now, once she’s shown her faith, He responds.


That’s reassuring. I don’t want to serve a God who can be manipulated. If you have more pull with Him, that means, one, that He is a respecter of persons and two, that I could be in trouble if everyone decides to gang up on me. God is a God who responds to faith — and faith gets results.


Moms, think about that with your children. If you’re having trouble as you go along, remember, being the mother won’t always cut it. Just because you tell your child to do something doesn’t mean they will follow through. To see results, you’ve got to have faith, and then release your faith in God and in what He has said about your child.


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