“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you called in one body; and be thankful.” Colossians 3:15


The peace of God is one of the best ways you can tell when the Spirit of God is talking to you. It’s that subtle sign that His Spirit is bearing witness with your spirit (Romans 8:14-16). It’s the only way God talks to us that can’t be imitated by the devil or by other humans.


Even so, it can still be a challenging way to hear from God.


Have you ever had peace in your head, but not in your heart? In your head, you kind of like the idea. I presented with an opportunity that I was thinking around for about three weeks. It was going to be something fun for me, and it came with a generous offer. My head was in complete agreement. Is it a response? “Yes, amen! We like this! It’s a great opportunity, it’ll be fun, and it has good money — this is awesome!”


On the inside of me, though, I didn’t have any peace about it. God started talking to me about the church and taking the opportunity. I’ve decided not to do it — and I found that’s why the peace was ruling against it.


There’s a flip side, too. What happens when the peace is all for it, and your head isn’t?


All of a sudden, your head says that the idea is crazy and doesn’t make sense. Your peace, though, is telling you that’s what you are supposed to do. I find myself trying to figure out why God would be telling me to do or not do something. Peace is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. It’s ruling like an umpire — but I want to figure out why the peace is ruling.


Sometimes you can’t see things from here. We tend to just look for the Lord’s opinion in huge issues and big deals. But the Lord can comment all the time, on big or little moments. There’ve been times when my head wasn’t at peace with my heart, and I listened to my head. I then found myself in a situation that wasn’t a big deal, but was an inconvenience, and asked myself why the Lord would even care about that trivial issue.

Well, He cares about anything and everything that concerns you. If you’re listening to Him, He’ll help you in everything.


To accurately hear from God, you need to let His peace rule in your heart. Your head wasn’t meant to rule, but if you let it, it’ll become your ruler, and you won’t follow the peace. Your peace was meant to rule — it’s the biggest sign you have that the Holy Spirit is bearing witness with your spirit.

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